Custom Made Wooden Wardrobes

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Just like our handmade wooden beds, our custom-made solid wood wardrobes are available in a range of different natural wood finish options – we can even offer a color matching service if you need to color match your existing furniture collection.

We work with each client to develop a combined wardrobe door, cornice, and skirting board design to complement your home and décor. We take the time to consider the precise dimensions and scale of any given door design and then adapt it to suit each piece of furniture perfectly. Every single wardrobe door is made to order to the exact dimensions required of the custom-made and measured bespoke wardrobe design, so the balance is perfect.

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Custom Made Wooden Wardrobes

Our custom-designed and manufactured wardrobes allow you to personalize your home using sleek, functional, and spacious solutions. From designing and manufacturing your built-in robes in the Kathmandu valley, right through to installation, Rhinoland will guide you through the whole process.
Rhinoland custom wardrobes can maximize space in an older home, offer stylish solutions for modern homes and provide the ultimate finish for any wardrobe renovation.

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Hi, If you are thinking of adding new furniture for your sweet home/organization or interested on ou ... r collections, please feel free to show your interest. There are varieties of models and categories in a single product line. To match the right product with your expectation and imagination is our goal. We have our own designed and manufactured products, we do also have imported fine products and we can even make custom made as per your requirements and interest. You are at the perfect place for your search , hope to see you soon. Read more

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