Ordering Procedure and Shipping Process


What is the order procedure?

If you have a design with measurements for a unit or set of furniture you want/need, you need to send it/them to us with your detailed explanation including finishing polish and fabric. Then we give you an estimated cost for your inquiry or planned order.

An order confirmation message will be sent when your order is accepted after an advance amount (25% of the total payable amount) is deposited via cash/cheque/bank transfer.

We prefer to communicate via messenger or WhatsApp to avoid misunderstandings. We also may have phone conversations if required.

Please call or message us for a readymade product available in the store or our stock.

Do you accept special or custom orders (unlisted sizes/colors, unfinished products)?

Yes, we do accept special orders of any kind. We make almost every piece of furniture from sofas, chairs to beds, tables, or wardrobes. We also make outdoor furniture, kitchen cabinets, and many more.

Do you offer any discounts or coupons?

We operate at a low margin to keep costs to consumers as low as possible and therefore rarely offer discounts or coupons. If any discounts are available they would be displayed on our website and the product's page.

How much time does it take to finish an order? When do I expect to get my delivery after I confirm my order?

Normally, we take 30 to 45 days for any order we accept. If your order can be finished earlier, you will be notified. Sometimes the order may take longer than the expected time because of the unavailability of raw materials for which you will be notified.

Can I change the specifications on my order? Can I change the fabric or sizes of my product?

Once your order is executed, normally we can't change anything. So, we request you to determine everything before confirming the order.

Is the advance deposit amount refundable in case we cancel our order?

The advance deposit money is not refundable after we execute your order. You can buy any other existing products from the stock or use the deposit money for other future orders.

Are finish colors accurate? Can we expect the final product to be as we wanted?

We aim to accurately reflect the finish colors on all of our items – but, some factors may create variation:
- Differences in monitor type/settings, video cards, and printers – colors may vary from what you see on your screen and the actual color on the product.
- The perceived color of a product depends on the type of light that is present in the room (ex: fluorescent lights tend to make the color more blue and incandescent light makes it more yellow/red).
- Finish colors also depend on the wood. Variations in density, tone, grain, and knots create the beautiful randomness of a truly natural piece.

What if I don't like the finished product?

Every custom-made order is entirely made according to the customer's choice of materials, size, and details. We make it according to your choice of materials and sizes. If there are any imperfections, we try to fix them or replace them with another one.

What should I know about Rhinoland before ordering?

Rhinoland is a garage-started, locally owned furniture company. Rhinoland products are hand-built by a small team of local craftsmen at our workshop in Kathmandu. We also offer a collection of furniture that we source responsibly and hand-finish onsite. Additionally, we offer a curated selection of decor items, lighting, furniture, and rugs from across the globe. 


At Rhinoland, we take great pride in every unique piece of furniture of solid wood furniture that we sell. The furniture that is handcrafted and brush-finished/spray painted by our team is built using solid wood that is distressed and has a reclaimed look. Given the handmade and hand-finished nature of the products we craft, variations and imperfections in the wood should be expected and celebrated! Just as every tree is unique, so too is every piece of furniture that is handcrafted and hand-finished just for you. Every piece of furniture will have a unique grain pattern and slight color variation as a result of the grain pattern. 

Other characteristics of handcrafted, solid wood furniture include open knots, visible brush strokes, micro-imperfections and textural variations in the durable, hand-brushed finishes, unique distress marks, exposed screws, wood filler marks, joint lines, and distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, and other imperfections. We allow up to approx. 1" of variation across all measurements due to the custom nature of the handcrafted furniture we build. Those who do not appreciate variations and imperfections should not purchase handcrafted furniture. 

Solid wood may expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. This means that the gaps between the boards of a traditional tabletop may get wider over time and need to be cleaned. This natural movement enhances the one-of-a-kind beauty of solid wood, handcrafted furniture. It does not affect the structural integrity and is not considered defective. For customers that prefer to never have gaps between their tabletop boards, we recommend choosing laminated plyboard, glass, or granite top options, which eliminates cracks and spaces between the boards in the tabletops. Real wood jointed tops expand and contract as a whole, so the top may or may not have a gap between the jointed planks of wood after some time. We do not offer machine manufactured perfection - no two pieces are exactly alike since Rhinoland furniture is crafted to your order specifications. We celebrate the true uniqueness of every piece of solid wood furniture that is built and finished by hand in our woodshop. 


Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, there is 2 years limited warranty and we call it Rhinoland's Promise. We do promise for any manufacturing and wood defects. During the warranty period, replacement or maintenance of the defective part of the furniture will be provided at no cost.

Rhineland's Promise

We believe craftsmen should stand behind their products. We also know buying furniture online or even custom-made ones from store seem scary. That’s why we promise:

1. If your furniture isn’t built the color, size, or style that you ordered, we’ll fix or - replace it.

2. If your furniture arrives damaged, we’ll fix or replace it.

3. If your furniture ever cracks or splits, we’ll fix or replace it.



Where is my order? Can I see the manufacturing process?

Once your order is confirmed the order sheet is prepared and forwarded to the manufacturing unit. Normally, it takes 30 to 45 days for any order to be ready for delivery. No, we can't entertain the clients/customers at our workshop to check the work in progress.


How will my order ship? Is the delivery charge applicable?

All orders will be shipped via our trusted team of delivery people with a delivery charge. Please confirm the level of difficulty in carrying the products. You need to check yourself if the ordered piece of furniture can be taken up or inside the room or not.

Can I pay later after I receive my delivery?

No, you need to pay all the remaining amount including the delivery charges before or at the time of delivery. We only accept cash or cheque at the time of delivery. If you want to pay via bank transfer, you need to do that before the delivery guys reach your place as they can't wait there and check the payment due to the rush situation they have.

Can you have my purchase or order arrive on a specific date?

No, we normally try to deliver all the orders/purchases according to the time management of the delivery team. Saturdays and holidays are best for the deliveries. We normally deliver from 12 pm to 3 pm on weekdays. You get a call from our team members when your order/purchase is ready for dispatch and we fix the day and time for the delivery.

Can I order from outside the Kathmandu valley?

We deliver near or inside the Kathmandu valley only at the moment. We can send the furniture to your trusted transportation company at your own risk. We are looking for a transportation company whom we can trust for carrying our products without damage outside the valley.

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