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Paru Dining Set

From Rs 75000 /-

The set is entirely made with imported seasoned pinewood...

Deepti Dining Set

From Rs 85000 /-

This custom made dining set comprises a 60x36x30 LBH tabl...

Restaurants and Cafes tables

From Rs 12000 /-

From hardwood talbes to metal and wood tables or marble t...

Rhinoland Live Edge Tables

From Rs 35000 /-

Every table is unique and only one of its category as its...

Namrata Live Edge Dining Table

From Rs 45000 /-

Every table is unique and only one of its category as its...

Mechi Dining Table

From Rs 23800 /-

Custom made wooden table.

Made with sisau wood,...

Marsyangdi Dining Tables

From Rs 35000 /-

Hand made.

Custom made using pinewood, sisau wo...

Koshi Dining Table

From Rs 20800 /-

  • Hand made.
  • Warranty: 5 years against m...

Gandaki Dining Table

From Rs 13800 /-

  • Hand crafted details.
  • Warranty: 5 year...



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