Binaisha Home & Office Sofa Sets

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Made in Nepal ‘Binaisha LC2’, designed by Le Corbusier, Jeanneret, and Perriand, is a model suite for both home or office purpose, that fully represents rationalism and logic: the visible metallic structure is both functional and aesthetically pleasing., expresses rationalism in design, as well as good taste. The exposed steel structure of each piece is both functional and meant to be seen. LC2 is available as a lounge chair, a two seat sofa, and a three seat sofa. Frames and cushions, upholstered in leather look or fabric, can be color coordinated. LC2 is included in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

The entire frame creates a basket, which accommodates very thick and resilient cuboid cushions.

They are manufactured from the multi-density composite foam and are available fiber-wrap versions.

There are five cushions in total; two serve as the armrests, one as the backrest, and another two as the seat.

The cushions are upholstered in top-grain artificial leather or fabric as per your choice, which is available in different colours.

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Binaisha Home & Office Sofa Sets

The LC2 provides an outstanding level of comfort and relaxation. However, it not only caters to one’s physiological needs, but it also appeals to the most sublime tastes of any aesthete. The overall appearance of the armchair is extraordinarily appealing and stylish. It is very proportional and well-balanced and the use of the external frame makes it look both airy and light. Even today, almost nine decades after its presentation, when modernism is not an extravagant or radical concept anymore, the LC2 has neither aged nor become trite. It still looks fresh and contemporary.

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